WWW2010 – Raleigh

TO BE ANNOUNCED at the closing ceremony, 5:00 PM, Friday, April 30, Ballroom A.

WWW2009 – Madrid

Hybrid Keyword Search Auctions
Ashish Goel (Stanford University), Kamesh Munagala (Duke University)

WWW2008 – Beijing

IRLbot: Scaling to 6 Billion Pages and Beyond
Hsin-Tsang Lee, Derek Leonard, Xiaoming Wang, and Dmitri Loguinov (Texas A&M University)

WWW2007 – Banff

Wherefore Art Thou R3579X? Anonymized Social Networks, Hidden Patterns,
and Structural Steganography
Lars Backstrom (Cornell University), Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft Research) and
Jon Kleinberg (Cornell University)

WWW2006 – Edinburgh

Random Sampling from a Search Engine’s Index
Ziv Bar-Yossef and Maxim Gurevich (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

WWW2005 – Chiba

Three-Level Caching for Efficient Query Processing in Large Web Search Engines
Xiaohui Long and Torsten Suel (Polytechnic University)

WWW2004 – New York City

Automatic Fragment Detection in Dynamic Web Pages and Its Impact on Caching
Lakshmish Ramaswamy (Georgia Tech), Arun Iyengar (IBM Research), Ling Liu (Georgia Tech), and
Fred Douglis (IBM Research)

WWW2003 – Budapest

Scaling Personalized Web Search
Glen Jeh and Jennifer Widom (Stanford University)
SemTag and Seeker: Bootstrapping the Semantic Web via Automated Semantic Annotation
Stephen Dill, et al. (IBM Research)

WWW2002 – Honolulu

Abstracting Application-Level Web Security
David Scott and Richard Sharp (University of Cambridge)

WWW10 (2001) – Hong Kong

Engineering Server Driven Consistency for Large Scale Dynamic Web Services
Jian Yin, Lorenzo Alvisi, Mike Dahlin (Univ. of Texas at Austin) and Arun Iyengar (IBM Research)

WWW9 (2000) – Amsterdam

Graph Structure in the Web
Andrei Broder (AltaVista), Ravi Kumar (IBM Research), Farzin Maghoul (AltaVista),
Prabhakar Raghavan (IBM Research), Sridhar Rajagopalan (IBM Research), Raymie Stata (Compaq),
Andrew Tomkins  (IBM Research) and Janet Wiener (Compaq)

WWW8 (1999) – Toronto

Focused Crawling: A New Approach for Topic-Specific Resource Discovery
Soumen Chakrabati (IIT Bombay), Martin van den Berg (Xerox PARC), and Byron Dom (IBM Research)

WWW7 (1998) – Brisbane

The Interactive Multimedia Jukebox (IMJ): A New Paradigm for the
On-Demand Delivery of Audio/Video
Kevin Almeroth (UC Santa Barbara) and Mostafa Ammar (Georgia Tech)

WWW6 (1997) – Santa Clara

Syntactic Clustering of the Web
Andrei Broder, Steve Glassman, Mark Manasse (Digital Equipment), and
Geoffrey Zweig (UC Berkeley)

WWW5 (1996) – Paris

Measuring the Web
Tim Bray (Open Text)