The following slate of speakers was made possible in part by the WWW2010 sponsorship program..


Your Opportunity in Publishing

4:00–4:45 PM, Room 306A
TBA, Lulu Enterprises

In this age of open publishing, it’s easier than ever to share information with the world and have an impact with your knowledge. Lulu is the leader in open publishing and will explain just how easy it is to produce and share content in multiple formats — physical books and eBooks — and in many channels including and Apple’s iBookstore. We will explain how this model benefits students by lowering textbook costs, allows researchers to spread their work and helps bloggers build their brands.


Status Quo of Patenting Computer Implemented Inventions at the EPO

1:30–2:15 PM, Room 306A
TBA, European Patent Office

Thinking of applying for a patent? There is a lot of debate about patents in the computer and software field, which has led the European Patent Office (EPO) to establish a clear practice when examining patent applications for computed-implemented inventions. Like all other inventions, computer-implemented inventions are patentable only if they have technical character (i.e. solve a technical problem), are new and involve an inventive technical contribution to the prior art. The EPO does not grant patents for computer programs (“software patents”) or computer-implemented business methods that make no such technical contribution. The EPO is bound by European patent law. Our experts will guide you through the technicalities of patenting computer-implemented inventions including the most recent developments.

The State of Machine Translation at Google

2:15–3:00 PM, Room 306A
Peng Xu, Google

Machine translation is one of the most difficult yet the most important tasks in natural language processing. It is also a crucial tool to break the language barriers in the world-wide-web. In Google, we offer the best machine translation systems for many languages to millions of users. However, so much as we know about languages, there are still tremendous challenges in making machines translate with good quality to carry the same original information as in the source. In this talk, I will give an overview of the current state-of-the-art of machine translation techniques used in Google and also some of the grand challenges we face in order to improve the translation quality further.


Ad Exchange: Design and Research Issues

1:30-3:00 PM, Room 306A
Eyal Manor, S. Muthukrishnan and Scott Spencer, Google

Doubleclick ad exchange, launched last year, is a two sided, real-time market place to determine the display ads seen by users. This talk will present the fundamental product and design issues, resulting engineering challenges and the novel research that ensues and supports such systems.